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Drum Accessories

Drum Accessories

Make the most of your Drum use with our range of Drum Accessories. Ensure the safety of workers with a Safety Drum Fitting, reducing the risk of spills and preventing flashback ignition. Keep drums secure or keep Drum Funnels locked into place by deploying a Latching Drum Lid. Avoid overflows and easily read fluid levels with a Drum Barrel Gauge.

This multi-purpose Epoxy putty is quick and convenient option for leak repairs. High quality resin sticks to almost anything and cures hard within the hour.

safety drum fittings

Reduce hazards and prevent flashback ignition by installing a Safety Drum Fitting. FM Approved for flammable liquids.

Keep drums secure by easily adding a lock. Meets regulations for closed drums.

Drum Barrel Gauge

Identify drum contents levels with ease. Avoid drum overflow and reduce waste.