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Drum Funnels


  • Decant Into Drums with Ease Utilise a drum funnel for clean and easy draining and pouring. Drum funnels eliminate the messes caused from splashback and spills when decanting into drums. Funnelling into drums reduces product wastage associated with overflow and spills.
  • Choose the Drum Funnel That Meets Your Unique NeedsOur extensive range of drum funnels caters for small, medium and large decanting tasks, with multiple lid-colour options are available to let you segregate drums. Choose from Polyethylene or Steel funnels, both available with a special burpless feature.
  • Special Burpless OptionThe Burpless Poly and Steel Drum Funnels are specially designed to vent during pouring for a fast, smooth flow preventing any dangerous splashback. The built-in overfill preventer consumes liquid as fast as you can pour, without any burps.
  • Withstands Harsh ChemicalsConstructed from 100% thick-wall polyethylene, our Poly Drum Funnels resist UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals. A durable, chemical-resistant powder coat helps ensure long service life of Steel Drum Funnels.
  • Meets FM ApprovalWhen equipped with a Drum Funnel Flame Arrestor (DRM617, sold separate) our Oil Drum Funnels are FM Approved for flammable liquids.

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No-splash Burpless Poly Funnel with built-in overfill preventer
Dimensions -W x L/D x H
34cm x 41cm x 35cm
3.0 Kg
Sold as
1 Each
Red, Black or Yellow
Use With
Plastic Drums w/ 5cm Buttress Thread
# per Pallet
Bung Opening
5cm Buttress
Components Composition
Funnel - Polyethylene Bung Insert - Brass
Special Feature
Burpless, Padlockable
Lid Type
Hinged Lid
Transport & Logistics
Water & Waste Services

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