Dealing With Leaks And Drips In High-traffic Areas

Leaks and drips are often just a fact of manufacturing life, but keeping high-traffic areas in factories looking good — and in safe condition — is completely possible.  

So what’s the best way to absorb drips or leaks so your floor doesn’t look dirty or isn’t ruined? And, more importantly, so no one slips or falls?

Firstly, a rug just won’t cut it — even an industrial rug. While they will certainly hide the drips, rugs aren’t designed to actually deal with the dripping liquid; all they do is aesthetically hide it, which won’t cut it from an OH&S viewpoint. Neither are rugs very user friendly: you often can’t roll equipment over them (say a cart) because they bunch up, but worse, people walking onto them can catch their toes. Again: that doesn't cut it regarding OH&S.

Absorbent socks are a great way to dyke and dam liquids where you’ve sprung a leak. They’re also handy to contain fluids at the base of machinery to prevent those liquids from leaking onto your high-traffic walkways. You can even to pop them on a ledge if you know liquids accumulate there. Use blue-coloured New Pig universal absorbent socks with coolants oils, water or solvents, and the white New Pig oil absorbent socks for oil and fuel.

Spill containment barriers are another way to contain machinery drips and leaks. You can then vacuum the pooled liquids to reuse or recycle them, or simply dispose of them. Options here are the New Pig spill containment barriers and spill containment bunding, which includes a heavy-duty drive-over bunding if that aisle sees vehicles.

However sometimes, drips or overspray can’t be contained by a sock, so can indeed end up in aisles. In this case, grippy absorbent mats are ideal; with their full-coverage adhesive backing, they hold tight so you don’t need tape, but don’t leave any residue.

Of course as always, make sure your housekeeping plans include the processes to maintain and replace every floor-safety item — and that every employee knows what the plans are.

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