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Slips & Trips – The Hidden Cost of Slip Hazards to Industrial & Manufacturing Businesses and How You Can Protect Your Staff

If you own your own business, then you’re well aware of the risks and hazards that are apparent in everyday trade. No matter what your industry, if your customers or staff have any accidents in your workspace, you can be held liable, with a very real threat of fines or legal action – which can be bad news for any business, no matter how big or small. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the risks to your customers, absorbent matting may be the answer you’re looking for.

How can they reduce accidents?

Though they may look like they’re just designed for aesthetics, these non-slip mats actually play a far more important role.

  • Prevents against slips:

    While it may look as though your floors are clean and dry, the reality is, each and every person who comes into your business is bringing in dirt and grime on the bottom of their shoes. Thanks to the absorbing properties of our anti-slip matting, you can remove the vast amount of muck and water – which is even more important during wet weather! This way, you can keep your floors moisture and debris free, removing the cause of slips and falls at the same time.

  • Creates a healthier environment:

    It isn’t just dirt and grime that your new matting is cleaning up! You may be surprised to learn there is a lot of other nasties underfoot when working in the industrial and manufacturing industry – including chemicals, bacteria and even harmful pesticides. By providing matting, you can prevent these substances from being tracked through workplace.

Which style do I choose?

You may think that commercial matting is a one size fits all situation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s very important that you choose a style that suits your application and needs.

  • Size and Placement:

    As absorbent matting should be placed in the high traffic areas of your worksite, such as the entryway to your building and under often-used machinery, the size and placement is important. We suggest investing in multiple mats – one for the exterior to take the bulk of the dirt, while others can be used in the interior to soak up oils and other liquids that are being tracked through your premises. In terms of size, you want as big a piece of fabric as possible. That way your customers and employees can’t help but walk over the matting as they  move through your job site.

  • Rental or Disposable:

    In general, there are two different matting options when it comes to absorbent mats – rental (or launderable mats) and disposable. The former is designed to be washed and reused, whilst the latter will last your business three months before it should be removed. Though you may think that rental is a better investment and better for the environment, the opposite is true! Find out more here.

Not only do these mats create a professional appearance for your industrial or manufacturing workplace, they offer excellent protection for drastically reducing the amount of accidents you experience – saving you money in fines and costly litigation fees should the worst happen.

If you’re unsure what size, style or fabric to invest in, contact our team today on 1800 468 464, email us, or live chat with us below!

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