Which is better? Grippy mat versus normal mat

Ripples are nice to look at in water, but not in mats. Stores and businesses use mats in high-traffic areas for safety. The problem is, mats can actually add to the tripping, falling or slipping risks. That’s because with regular foot or light-wheeled traffic (such as trolleys), they curl up at the corners, bunch up, and, over time, generally wriggle out of position.

Unless, of course, they adhere to the floor…

New Pig’s PIG Grippy Absorbent Mats do exactly that, so they don’t add to safety risks. These mats provide protection around machinery and workstations from oil or water overspray, and keep floors in high-traffic areas – such as aisles and walkways – clean. Their fine-fibre polypropylene layers safely absorb leaks, drips and overspray (be it oils, coolants, solvents or water), which does two things: it stops liquids from being tracked around, keeping a facility clean and safe; and it keeps the area around the overspray dry, which keeps the immediate area clean and safe.

The advantage over a normal mat is that Grippy Mat wicks away a spill, so the liquid doesn't half absorb / half sit on the mat’s surface to be slipped on or tracked around to other areas. The poly backing also creates a liquid-proof barrier, so the Grippy Mat absorbs liquids, yet keeps floors completely dry.

Underneath this liquid-proof barrier is a specially formulated adhesive backing, so the mat adheres tightly to the floor, but doesn’t leave any residue. Because the mat has full coverage of the adhesive on the underside, you don’t need any tape (or bricks!) to hold the mat in place, it just stays where you put it. It also means staff don't need to keep stop what they’re doing to adjust the mat. The adhesive allows you to use Grippy Mat over different floor levels, protecting people from tripping over lips in flooring.

However, just like a normal mat, Grippy Mat is easy to change because it just peels up – without leaving a residue. The other handy benefit here is that is reduces time spent on clean-up .

PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat, “the mat that lays flat and stays flat”, comes in a 15m roll, so you can use the exact lengths you want. Being highly durable, it’s designed to cope with constant foot and light-wheeled traffic, and even heavy equipment drive-overs. Grippy Mat is certified by the US National Floor Safety Institute as high-traction floor covering, and when used as part of a floor-safety program, can reduce slip-and-fall claims by as much as 90%. Now that’s a mat worth sticking to!

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