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eyewash and showers

EyeWash + Showers

Ensure the safety and preparation in the event of an emergency in the workplace. Our range of Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewash are specifically engineered to safely treat the adverse emergency affects of contamination of differing types of hazardous materials, such as flammable liquids, corrosives, oxidising agents, pesticides, toxic substances, aerosols and gases, and more. Safely treat injuries caused from hazardous materials with our range of Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewash. You can be confident that all our Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewash are designed and manufactured to not only comply with the relevant Australian Standards but exceed them.

From solar powered Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewashes to small personal and portable eyewash bottles, every feature of our Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewashes has been designed to ensure the highest safety response features available on the market. Keep employees safe and provide the best treatment options available on the market with our laminar flow technology and inverted water systems – the only one engineered to duplicate the methods that medical professionals recommend!

Regardless of how hot or cold it may get outside, all of our Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewash range provide the best solutions and will fit the conditions and applications to give you the perfect fit.

An effective response to the exposure of hazardous or corrosive materials to the eyes, face or body.

Eye & Facewash Plumbed Unit Melbourne

Eye & facewash stations designed for mounting to floor plumbing outlets. Protect your staff working in industrial, manufacturing or laboratory areas.

Neutralise acid and alkali substances (while restoring proper pH balance) with our personal emergency eyewash stations.

Designed for larger warehouses & factories where access to plumbed eyewash stations is impossible. Gravity fed, so no plumbing or water supply needed.

Designed for mounting to wall plumbing outlets. A quick response to provide eye contamination relief in workshops and industrial work sites.