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Materials Safe Handling

Materials Handling

Minimise workplace hazards and risks from the start. Protect your employees and avoid unnecessary penalties with the right material handling equipment.

We provide a comprehensive range of materials handling equipment, from latching drum lids and drum funnels to safety cans and storage cabinets. Pouring from drums isn’t always easy, which is where a drum funnel can help minimise drips and spills. No need to stock up on multiple sizes – our drum funnel fits any 209-litre, tight-head steel or poly drum and covers the entire top. It even comes in different colours so you can segregate drums for safe, compliant filling.

Keep the contents of your drums secure and safe with our latching drum lids. No need to struggle with a nut and bolt ring every time you access your drum. Simply open and close our latching drum lids with one hand. Plus, you can be confident you are complying with EPA regulations requiring hazardous waste containers to be sealed properly to prevent VOC emissions. It’s the ideal addition to your materials handling solutions.

Storage is an important part of your workplace safety, too. Our range of safety cans are designed for the secure storage of flammables and smooth, accurate pouring to avoid dangerous leaks, spills and explosions. Ask us about the right storage and material handling solution to enhance your workplace safety. Browse our solutions below or contact our team for advice

2 Sizes Available (Red)

Decant oils & liquids into drums with ease. Choose from our range of drum funnels for easy, clean pouring and draining.

Protect yourself from flashback ignition and explosions. Effectively regulates flow when handling combustible liquids.

Provides chemical resistance including acids and causistics, prevents against leaks.

Drum Barrel Gauge

6 Sizes Available (Black/Brass)

6 Sizes Available

Safety Bench Cans

2 Sizes Available (Red)

3 Sizes Available (Red)

3 Sizes Available (Red)

One Size Available (Red)

One Size Available (Black)