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Wall Mounted Eye & Facewash Station


  • Minimise Workplace Hazards and Risk There is nothing more important than the health and safety of employees. Minimize the risk of serious injury or harm by installing a genuine Haws eye and facewash station. Employing this emergency response eye and facewash station will ensure your site is adequately equipped in the event of an emergency.
  • The Industry-Leading Eye & Facewash Station Intelligently engineered in partnership with All Valve Industries, the Haws eye and facewash station reflects the methodology recommended by health professionals, unlike any alternatives available within the industry. The difference is the AXION® Medically Superior Response (MSR) technology. The AXION® MSR eyewash features an inverted directional laminar flow to sweep contaminants away from the vulnerable nasal cavity, reducing further injury. AXION® MSR ensures a predictable stream height, allowing for increased comfort.
  • Designed for Mounting to Wall Plumbing Outlets This wall-mounted emergency eye and facewash station is designed specifically for sites with wall plumbing outlets. Customise facility needs with corrosion resistant ABS plastic and stainless-steel options.
  • 100% Compliant to Australian Standards The AXION® MSR eye and facewash complies with AS4775 and ANSI Z358. 1 for velocity, stream height and flow rate. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your facility adheres to the Australian Standards and Safety Compliance Guidelines.
  • In-Built Decontamination Filter The wall plumbed eye and facewash station includes a mesh in-line strainer that collected debris and reduces the risk of contamination. The in-line strainer provides assurance that water being supplied to the injured person is free from potentially dangerous physical contaminants.

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Wall-Mounted Unit with AXION® MSR Eye/Facewash Head Assembly
Dimensions -W x L/D x H
96.5cm x 96.5cm x 63.5cm
2.8 Kg
Sold as
1 Each
Flow Rate
iQSafety Part No.
Components Composition
ABS Plastic
In-Line Strainer
Aluminium Wall Bracket
Ball Valve with Stainless Steel Ball and Stem
Special Feature
Zero Vertical Velocity™ Stream Engineering with Even Laminar Flow
Maximum Flow Rate
15 minutes
Mounting Style
Temperate Range
Min 15.7°C Max 37.8°C
2 Years

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