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Hazchem Spill Kit - Refills


  • Easily Identifiable Pink Absorbent Refills Pink is easy to spot from a distance if required so that reacting to spills does not need to be hindered by identification issues
  • Whole Refill Solution for Hazardous Chemical Absorbents When the contents of spill kits get used it's important for replacements to be available quickly. This is why the hazardous chemical spill kit refill is the most effective solution for businesses.
  • Best Absorbents for Hazardous MaterialsNot all chemical absorbents are the same. Our range of chemical absorbents reassures the most worried user that acids, bases and chemicals are being treated in the most effective manner available.
  • Packaged for Quick Refill Simply place the contents of the Refill Kit directly into your existing Hazchem kit without the inconvenience of having to waste time sorting and organising contents.
  • Trust iQSafety, the Australian Spill Control Leaders With our national presence throughout Australia (offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and more), trust iQSafety to be your spill control experts no matter where you are in the country. With more than 20 years’ experience in spill control, our team have the expertise to ensure optimal spill safety within your workplace.

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Sold as
2 Each
Fluids Absorbed
Acids, Bases & Unknowns
Up to 680L
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Facilities Maintenance
Food & Beverage
Water & Waste Services
Health & Scientific