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Drain & Stormwater Protection

Drain & Stormwater Protection

Stop your spill from contaminating the environment with drain and stormwater protection. If you have drains near where you transfer liquids, oils or contaminants, our spill control supplies will give you peace of mind that you are protecting the environment and avoiding unnecessary penalties.

Our spill control supplies provide the ideal solution to protect drains and stormwater inlets from hazardous spills. No need to continuously put on and remove drain covers, nor do you need to permanently cover the drain. Drain covers are quick to deploy, durable and cost-effective. Our Drain Blocker Drain Cover seals tightly to smooth surfaces and is exceptionally flexible. And because it resists water, oils and many chemicals, it works to confine and divert spills. We also provide a drive over drain cover which is tough enough for heavy tankers to drive over.

Whichever drain cover you choose, rest assured that it is made to last. PIG DrainBlockers can withstand UV rays, infrared light and all-weather conditions to stay outside for as long as they’re needed. That means you get better value for money in the long term.

Provides an effective liquid seal across multiple surfaces while still allowing heavy vehicle drive-over access. Leave in place for up to 12mths at -17°C to 71°C.

Deploy these drain covers quickly for fast drain protection or leave in place for up to 12 months.

Spill Emergency Drain Cover

Protect drains in a spill emergency with this single-use spill emergency cover for drains. Deploy multiple covers in spill-prone areas.

Spill Protector Drain Insert

Innovative mesh drain insert filter catches debris to keep drains clean and prevent drain blocks.

Poly drain plugs provide an effective liquid seal to protect drains and waterways. Stays in place as long as needed.

Oil Water Separators

This 55 gallon drum effectively filters oil from water in the event of a spill or contamination event.

Choose our carrying case for easy transport or store drain blockers close to drains by installing the wall-mounted holder.


Find the right solution to protect your business and the environment from hazardous spills. Our rapidly deployable drain covers are the essential addition to your spill control supplies, providing instant protection from spills of oils, chemicals and other liquids. Get your questions answered below:

FAQ about our Drain & Stormwater Protection

Do I need a drain cover?

If you have drains near where you transfer liquids, oils and contaminants, or do machine washdowns, the answer is YES. Keeping oil, chemicals and contaminants out of your drains and waterways should be a priority if you need to meet industry regulations. You’re not only protecting the environment, you’re also protect your business from unnecessary penalties.

When would I use a drain cover?

If you have drains near where you transfer liquids or do machinery washdowns, drain covers will help you protect the environment and avoid unnecessary penalties. There are two main situations where you would apply drain covers:

  • Times of "high risk" e.g. when liquids are being de-tanked or moved. The drain cover is placed over the drain to prevent accidental spills and leaks from entering the waterway.
  • In the event of a spill. If a spill occurs, placing a cover over the drains prevents hazardous liquids and contaminants from spreading further and polluting the waterway. The drain cover guards the drain opening, while the rest of the spill can be effectively and quickly mopped up using other spill control supplies.

Does the drain cover stop all liquids?

Because our drain covers are made from a reinforced blend of polyurethane materials, they don’t absorb the liquids but instead prevent water, oil, grease, hydrocarbons and other contaminants from entering the drain and waterways. The material resists chemicals, UV and infrared light, and can withstand prolonged exposure to fuel, even when completely submerged. This means each drain cover lasts longer and provides exceptional value for money.


Areas We Service

At IQSafety, we’re proud to offer the highest quality drain and stormwater protection to businesses around the country. Wherever you’re based - including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in-between - we’re confident we have the spill kits and absorbent products to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.