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Portable Bunding Spill Containment

Portable Bunding Spill Containment

Set up spill containment in minutes for spills and leaks up to 17,000 gallons. Our portable spill containment products do the job. When you are storing containers of hazardous liquids, oils or chemicals straight off the truck, you need a backup to catch spills, drips and leaks. Our collapsible spill containment solutions help you create affordable and portable containment that can be staked down wherever you need it in just a few minutes.

Our line of portable spill containment comes in a variety of types and sizes. Choose a collapsible spill containment berm for deliveries of liquids, with capacities from 5 to 17,000 gallons. Our under vehicle spill containment products make a flexible solution for drum storage, equipment washdowns or vehicle maintenance. And our portable spill containment berms contain leaks and spills from stored containers, while eliminating the need for bulky and expensive ramps to load drums. The best part is all our products are designed for minimum labour – no assembly required.

Complete your portable spill containment solution with range of accessories, including Outdoor Drip Pads, Portable Collapsible Bunding Liner, Portable Bunding Soft Sides, and Spill Containment Pools.

This tarp has been designed to fit the PIG Collapse-A-Tainer working on surfaces including asphalt and concrete. 4 Sizes Available (Grey)

collapsible spill containment products

Made from a durable and long lasting material, this bunding has been designed for a long lifetime. 6 Sizes Available (Black/Yellow)

under vehicle spill containment pool

Our pop-up pool is designed for immediate deployment when emergency spill control is required. 5 Sizes Available (Orange)

Storage Bag

Used for the protection, storage and transportation of 380 Litre Portable Containment Pools. 2 Sizes Available (Black)

Need a spill containment solution in a hurry? Our portable spill containment products provide the backup you need, wherever you need it. Designed for maximum flexibility and convenience, you can ensure your employees, environment and facility are protected, while staying compliant. Read our FAQs for more information:

FAQ about our Portable Bunding Spill Containment

Why do I need a portable spill containment solution?

Portable and collapsible spill containment products allow you to create spill containment anywhere you need it in minutes. They are essential for managing liquid storage and transfer, while ensuring you are complying with environmental protection regulations.

Whether for under vehicle spill containment, under storage tanks or pallets loaded with drums, or as emergency response to vehicle leaks, a portable spill containment product will help you protect employees, the environment and your facility from hazardous leaks, spills and drips.

How do portable spill containment products work?

While every product is designed to suit various applications, there is one thing they all have in common: they can be set up in minutes. Whether you buy an under vehicle spill containment berm or a portable spill bund, the tool-free assembly means you’ll be up and running fast. This is ideal when you need to re-locate quickly and ensure your new site complies with environmental and safety regulations.

Some products have special features for their application. For example, the portable bunding collapsible sides make it easy to drive jacks and forklifts into and out of the containment area. The collapsible sidewalls have a skirt attached with outside aluminium-reinforced supports to help walls stay rigid and upright, while the sides fold down easily. This collapsible spill containment berm is also constructed from an exceptionally durable, coated geomembrane that resists chemicals, abrasion and tearing.

For more information or advice on any of our spill containment products, get in touch.


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At IQSafety, we’re proud to offer the highest quality portable bunding spill containment to businesses around the country. Wherever you’re based - including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in-between - we’re confident we have the spill kits and absorbent products to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.