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Aerosol Storage Cabinets

Aerosol Storage Cabinets

Meet the Australian Standard requirements of the storage and handling of gases in cylinders (AS4332-2004) with an aerosol storage cabinet. Engineered specifically for high pressure aerosol cans, aerosol storage cages ensure the safe storage of flammable aerosol cans such as spray paints, lubricants, cleaners, adhesives and degreasers. 

 Manufactured in Australia, iQSafety aerosol storage cupboards are constructed from high-grade materials, ensuring a high quality solution to aerosol storage. Our aerosol cabinets consist of heavy duty sheet steel and a high build powder coat finish to prevent corrosion. Perforated walls ensure projectile protection in the event of a fire. Choose from an extensive variety of sizes and designs to suit your aerosol storage needs. Our aerosol storage cabinets range from a 12 can to 625 can storage space, and are marked with relevant dangerous goods signage.  

Whatever aerosol storage you require, iQSafety aerosol storage cabinets have you covered.

aerosol storage cabinet - 12 can

Safely store up to 18 high pressure aerosol cans. Meets Australian Standard AS4332-2004.

aerosol storage cabinet - 60 can

Store up to 72 high pressure aerosol cans securely. Meets Australian Standard AS4332-2004.

aerosol storage cabinet - 108 can

Safe storage for a moderate range of high pressure aerosols, up to 180 cans. Complies with Australian Standard AS4332-2004.

aerosol storage cabinet - 216 can

Store a generous quantity of aerosols while meeting Australian Standards. Horizontal or vertical options available.

aerosol storage cabinet - 625 can

Never run out of aerosol storage space with this 625 can capacity safety storage cabinet. Complies with Australian standards.