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Absorbent Booms & Socks

Stop a leak or spill from spreading with our absorbent socks and booms. Every single product is made to stop, absorb and contain the spill before it becomes a hazard.

Whatever your spill, we have the solution. Choose from our absorbent socks in a range of types and sizes. Control everyday leaks and spills of oils, solvents, coolants and water with our Universal Absorbent Socks – ideal for surrounding machine bases. While our specialised Chemical Absorbent Socks will give you the confidence that hazardous acids, bases and unknown liquids are stopped in their tracks. If it’s an oil-based spill you’re dealing with, our specialised Oil Absorbent Socks have it covered. They’ll soak up lubricants, fuels and even vegetable oils effectively – without absorbing a drop of water.

Need something bigger? Choose from our range of Spill Absorbent Booms for land or water. When you need to stop oils, chemicals, water or other liquids from spreading, you can rely on our Universal Absorbent Booms. And in the event that you need to soak up oil and fuel only, our Oil Absorbent Booms will do the job without taking in water, which means they will even float when they’re full of oil.

An effective product designed for the absorption of common industrial liquids such as oils, water, solvents and coolants.

Chemical-resistant socks that assist in corrosive and hazardous chemical spill-control.

Sump Skimmers and Skimmer Sock

Need to remove water from a fuel tank or oil residue from a greywater drain? Check out our wide range of skimmers and filtration socks.

These oil-only absorbent booms are primarily designed to float on water and effectively trap any oils or fuels they come in contact with.


Not sure which is the right spill absorbent sock or boom for your needs? Check out our FAQs below or talk to our expert team.

FAQ about our Absorbent Booms and Socks

How do absorbent socks for spills work?

Absorbent socks create a barrier to keep spills from spreading. Their long shape means they are also known as absorbent snakes or absorbent ropes. The best spill absorbent socks contain the spill and absorb it to make the clean-up faster and more effective. Simply place the sock around machinery or other equipment to contain leaks and spills before they spread and create a hazard.

What are the types of absorbent socks?

Absorbent socks come in various types depending on the liquid type and capacity of the spill. Our range of PIG absorbent socks includes: Universal Absorbent Socks which will soak up water, oil, coolants and solvents; Oil Absorbent Socks which are designed for absorbing oils and oil-based liquids (such as petrol and fuels) but NOT water; and specialised Chemical Absorbent Socks for hazardous acids, bases and unknown liquids.

What’s the difference between spill absorbent booms and socks?

Socks and booms both stop a spill from spreading – the difference is in their size. Socks are ideal for use indoors to catch drips and spills around machinery. Spill control booms are ideal for stopping larger spills from spreading on land and water. That’s why our PIG absorbent booms are much longer and larger in diameter than socks. General purpose absorbent booms can be used with oils, solvents, water or coolants (also known as water absorbing booms). While oil spill booms and absorb oil-based liquids that have spilled in a body of water, preventing damage to the environment and your bottom line.

Can I use oil control booms on water to soak up fuel or oil?

Yes. You can do this with the full confidence that the boom will only absorb and retain oils and oil-based liquids (including lubricants and fuels). Oil spill containment booms are effective because they don’t soak up water and will float when full.

Areas We Service

At iQSafety, we’re proud to offer the highest quality absorbent booms and socks to businesses around the country. Wherever you’re based - including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in-between - we’re confident we have the spill kits and absorbent products to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.