Universal Absorbent Socks

4048, PIG202, PIG100, MA1097

  • Contain Spills or Surround the Base of Equipment This heavy sock acts as a barrier of defence for leaks. The extra-dense material allows it to hug floors, machine bases and stay in place whilst containing spills.
  • Durable and Resistant Outer Layer The high quality stitch-bonded, polypropylene skin of our socks not only resists bursting but also reduces dust and holds in liquid, even when saturated.
  • Absorb Common Industrial Liquids Easily absorbs the most common industrial liquids such as oils, water, solvents, coolants and more.
  • Response with A Focus on Environmental Awareness Some of these socks have recycled content that is ideal when green products are desired or required. They can also be air-dried for reuse when soaked with water.
  • New Pig - The Inventors Having been the first to producer absorbent socks and put them on the market, there is no one who can be more trusted or who can guarantee their expertise.
Available Sizes

Dia. 7.6cm x 1.22M L, Dia. 7.6cm x 3M L, 15.2cm x 1.22M x 5cm, 43cm x 41cm x 5cm


Select the size

Dia. 7.6cm x 1.22M L
22.7 Kg
Sold as
40 Socks per Box
Up to 113L per Box
iQSafety Part No.
# per Pallet
Absorbency per
Up to 2.8L per Sock
Fluid Absorbed
Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water
Skin/Outer Mesh
Facilities Maintenance
Transport & Logistics
Food & Beverage
Water & Waste Services

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