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Flood Protection

Being prepared is key when it comes to preventing the damage caused by flood waters. Whether it’s a known issue of poor drainage near your premises’ driveway or entrances, or an act of nature, the answer is all about having the right type of protection.

Our flood-protection range includes compact, sandless Water-Activated Flood Barriers for when you need ongoing protection without the mess; easily manoeuvrable Water-Activated Flood Bags that allow you to create a stacked retaining wall without the hassle of sandbags; and Water-Filled Flood Barriers that are the perfect reusable barrier to dam large streams of water.

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Water-Activated Flood Bag

Super absorbent flat bags swell on contact with water to form a solid, heavy barrier to quickly dam and divert floodwater.

Water-Activated Flood Barrier

Swells on contact with water to become a strong, sturdy barrier that you can rely on for protection from floodwater. Adapt it, soak it, count on it.

PIG® Water-Filled Flood Barrier

Reusable water-filled barriers help protect your facility from water damage.