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Dispensing & Storage Cans

Dispensing & Storage Cans


When handling flammables, it is important to store these dangerous liquids safely and securely to avoid leaks and spills, which may increase the risk of explosions. Dispensing and storage cans ensure a smooth, accurate pour every time, and protect the individual from flashback ignition and explosions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can maintain a safe work environment by storing and dispensing flammable liquids correctly.

safety cans

Protect yourself from flashback ignition and explosions. Effectively regulates flow when handling combustible liquids.

Safety Bench Cans

Clean small parts quickly and easily with a Safety Bench Can. Flame arrestor for added safety and FM approved.

plunger cans

Use for quick and easy moistening of cleaning wipes or swabs.

oily waste cans

Dispose of oily cloths and rags safely, reduce risk of fire caused by spontaneous combustion.

mixing tank

Mix hazardous chemicals safely, helps avoid spills and drips.

laboratory safety cans

Provides chemical resistance including acids and causistics, prevents against leaks.