Mixing Tank


  • Utilise and Control Every Drop with Plunger Cans Get benefit from requiring less time between refills using the smart-pump. The smart-pump brings more liquid to the top so that you can moisten cleaning cloths quickly and easily.
  • Discard Oily Rags and Avoid Fire risks By using our oily waste cans you can easily dispose of oil soaked materials and prevent fires caused by stray sparks or spontaneous combustion
  • Ten Year WarrantyReduce moisture build-up and rusting with the round construction and elevated base that allows for circulation of air around the can to disperse heat
  • Clean and Mix Hazardous Materials SafelyOur bench cans provide an easy means to clean small parts of solvent, while mixing tanks help minimize the risk of spills or fire when mixing hazardous, flammable liquids.
  • Be Efficient with our Production EquipmentOur helpful safety cans can mean your business is efficient and effective. By pushing down on the pump assembly it fills the upper pan with liquid. Surplus liquid can drain safely back into reservoir and the perforated upper pan serves as a flame arrester. The top rim also has a moulded edge protector for smooth, trouble-free moistening.
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Dia. 38cm x 40.6cm


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Dia. 38cm x 40.6cm
3.6 Kg
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1 Each
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