Which is better? Grippy mat versus normal mat

Ripples are nice to look at in water, but not in mats. Stores and businesses use mats in high-traffic areas for safety. The problem is, mats can actually add to the tripping, falling or slipping risks. That’s because with regular foot or light-wheeled traffic

Do you have a spill response plan?

Being prepared by having spill response equipment on-site is ideal. But does your business have a spill response plan – beyond “to clean up”…? Having a written plan can help to remove the panic of “what now?” when accidents happen and thin

Dealing With Leaks And Drips In High-traffic Areas

Leaks and drips are often just a fact of manufacturing life, but keeping high-traffic areas in factories looking good — and in safe condition — is completely possible. So what’s the best way to absorb drips or leaks so your floor doesn’t look dirty or isn&rs

How to respond to spills

Despite being careful, spills can still happen. As soon as they happen, it’s what you do next that matters. Even if you think “we’re too careful for spills”, it may not be you — it may be your equipment: a hydraulic line rupturing and spilling fluid all over