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Your Guide to Spill Bunding

With such a wide range of spill bunding and barriers on the market, knowing which option to choose for your premises, intended application and chemicals you work with can be a challenge.

New Year Ready – Set Yourself Up for the New Year

January is a notoriously quiet time of year for a lot of businesses, which makes it the perfect time to ensure that your premises is ready to tackle the year ahead. Make sure that you’ve stocked up on all the things you will need once business starts to pick up, from refill kits to absorbent products, and that your premises are equipped with everything it needs to keep your workers safe from harm.

Be Shutdown Ready

With many manufacturers and businesses closing down or limiting their operations to a skeleton staff over the Christmas and New Years break, properly shutting down your operation is vital for ensuring that it’s ready to start up again as seamlessly as possible once your employees return in the new year.