Need to be prepared for a spill?

Written emergency response plans identify the spill-prone areas in your facility and outline the course of action that will be taken in each area to mitigate a spill safely and effectively. The details for each area

Spills: Should you absorb them, contain them or both?

It may sound crazy, but at New Pig, we hesitate when someone asks, “How many mats and socks will I need to absorb a 5,000-gallon spill?” It’s not that we can’t do the math. We do know exactly how many mats and socks it would take. We also know how many pallets it

Need to choose an absorbent?

Absorbent mats, absorbent socks, absorbent booms, and more. There are so many choices of absorbents, it can seem a bit intimidating to pick a single one that’s best for your application. So, today, we’re going to help

Why are drain covers important?

Even if the closest waterway is kilometres away, there’s still a risk of polluting it – via your stormwater drain. In the case of an accident, spilled liquids can run directly into the groundwater where they can easily get into waterways. Obviously, the resulting fines can &ld

Which is better? Grippy mat versus normal mat

Ripples are nice to look at in water, but not in mats. Stores and businesses use mats in high-traffic areas for safety. The problem is, mats can actually add to the tripping, falling or slipping risks. That’s because with regular foot or light-wheeled traffic