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New Year Ready – Set Yourself Up for the New Year

January is a notoriously quiet time of year for a lot of businesses, which makes it the perfect time to ensure that your premises is ready to tackle the year ahead. Make sure that you’ve stocked up on all the things you will need once business starts to pick up, from refill kits to absorbent products, and that your premises are equipped with everything it needs to keep your workers safe from harm.

Stock Up

You never know when a spill or leak is going to occur, so ensuring that you are prepared is a must. Fortunately, iQSafety can supply you with everything you need to handle spills of any size and substance.

  • Refill Spill Kits
    When was the last time that you refilled your spill kits? This is something that is often used but then forgotten about, leaving you in the lurch the next time there’s a spill to clean up. Now is a great time to ensure that your kit is fully stocked and that it is best suited to the types of substances in your premises.
  • Lay Fresh Grippy Mats
    When was the last time that the grippy mats in your workplace were replaced? Keep in mind that they are not designed to last forever. In fact, some heavy-duty ones are only designed to last as long as 12 weeks. Start the year off fresh with some brand new mats to absorb errant leaks and spray.
  • Purchase Absorbent Products
    Having a range of spill response products on hand can be useful in dealing with a variety of incidents around the workplace. Contain spills and leaks quickly with absorbent socks, booms and rolls, plus effectively soak remaining liquid up using pillows and loose absorbents.
  • Lay Fresh Absorbent Mats
    Do you have areas or even machinery that is subject to frequent spillage and leaking? If so, absorbent mats can help you to better contain the mess and get back on track faster. We have a mat to suit every occasion, from general purpose hazardous chemical to oil absorbent and barrel top.

Workplace Fitout

Whilst absorbent products are important, they are not the only things needed in your arsenal against leaks and spills. iQSafety can help you to fitout your premises with a range of safety features to meet your needs.

This downtime at the beginning of the year is the ideal time to get your premises as spill and leak proof as possible. iQSafety has everything you need to ensure adequate preparation for whatever 2021 has to throw at you, from the smallest of spills to the biggest of leaks. If you need more information or to place an order, contact our helpful team on 1800 468 464 and let us do the rest.

  • Install Eye Wash Stations
    In the off chance that an employee was to get something in their eye, how would this be dealt with? A tap mounted eye wash station is the ideal solution – it transforms any standard tap into a fully functional and compliant eye wash station, without compromising on the tap’s function.
  • Ensure Proper Storage
    If your workplace deals with chemicals, ensuring that they are properly stored is essential for the safety of your employees and visitors. This can be achieved using storage cans and drum funnels. We also have a variety of accessories available, as well as protection for emergency safety information sheets.
  • Install Safety Cabinets
    The addition of purpose-built safety cabinets to your workplace can be essential in minimising hazards and risks. Every inch of the cabinet has been carefully designed for security and safety. We have a variety of cabinets to choose from, including dangerous goods and flammable.