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Safety Cabinets

Minimise workplace hazards and risks with the right safety cabinet for your hazardous materials and flammables. Our range of DG (Dangerous Goods) storage cabinets is specifically created and customised to safely store common types of hazardous materials, such as flammable liquids, corrosives, oxidising agents, pesticides, toxic substances, aerosols and gases, and more. Safely store flammable liquids in fire resistant safety cabinets to reduce the risk of a fire. You can be confident that all our safety storage cabinets are designed and manufactured to comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

From safety storage cabinet doors to locking mechanisms, every feature of our storage cabinets has been designed to ensure the highest security and safety. Keep dangerous liquids safely organised and separated in a safety storage cabinet with drawers. Even improve security by choosing a safety storage cabinet that locks. You can also choose from a wide range of safety storage cabinet dimensions to get the perfect fit.







When choosing your safety storage cabinet online, make sure you determine the best type for your facility and needs. Need help selecting the right storage cabinet for your facility? As a leading safety storage cabinets supplier, we are on hand to help. Read our FAQs below:

FAQ about our Safety cabinets

Why do I need a safety cabinet?

Storing hazardous goods comes with several risks, such as spillage, fires and even explosions. If your facility needs to store hazardous or flammable materials, you are obliged to do whatever you can to minimise any risks. Choosing the right industrial safety storage cabinets is an important control measure.

Which safety storage cabinets are right for my facility?

It depends on the type of materials you need to store. Safety Storage Cabinet manufacturers offer a range of different safety cabinets which are specifically designed to keep different types of chemicals and other hazardous materials safe and secure. It’s important to match the hazardous material to the safety storage cabinet design. Plus, it’s also critical to classify the hazardous materials so you don’t end up storing incompatible materials together in one chemical safety cabinet.

Some workplaces require a safety storage cabinet with doors and even a safety storage cabinet with lock, for additional security. Check the Safety Storage Cabinet qualification on the individual item, and if you’re unsure ask our team for advice.

What about Safety Storage Cabinet ventilation?

Safety storage cabinet venting is an important consideration. Always check your specific Safety storage cabinet ventilation requirements. Rest assured that all cabinets supplied by us meet the relevant Australian Standards and ventilation compliance.

What are the Safety Storage Cabinet regulations?

Every storage cabinet in our range is designed to meet the relevant fire codes, safety regulations and HS code for safety storage cabinets. For example, you can select a chemical safety storage cabinet that meets the United Nations criteria and the ADG Code for Dangerous Goods, as well as all the relevant Australian Standards.

Areas We Service

At iQSafety, we’re proud to offer the highest quality safety cabinets to businesses around the country. Wherever you’re based - including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in-between - we’re confident we have the spill kits and absorbent products to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.