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Spill Containment Accessories

Spill Containment Accessories

We supply a huge range of spill containment accessories that you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. New Pig are a world class designer and manufacturer, having more spill related patents than any other company in the business. iQSafety has been partnering with New Pig for decades to bring these innovative solutions to the Australian market. Trust New Pig and iQSafety to deliver cost savings as well as quality spill containment accessories.

Spill roll dispensers make it faster and easier to access your absorbent mats when you need them most. Store your drain covers off the floor and out of the way with a Wall-Mounted holder. Durable and easy to use, it features strong materials for use outdoors. Or move your portable bunding to the site of the spills & protect you waterways and drains with our range of spill containment storage bags. We have a modular shelf that gives you extra vertical height to stack your chemicals and oils to further enhance your spill containment system.

This expandable bladder provides an additional 208 litres of containment. Automatic deploy means minimal mess and clean up.

Increase storage space by adding up to three shelves to a spill pallet or deck.

Get a complete spill containment solution for your workplace with our broad and unique range of accessories. Need help selecting the right spill containment accessories? Read our FAQs below:

FAQ about our Spill Containment Accessories

How can I ensure my spill containment accessories are providing cost-benefit?

Reclaim your valuable liquid products such as oils with our leading-edge absorbent wringer, designed to extract and reuse spilled and absorbed products. Equally as innovative, our bladder box expanding liquid storage solution provides flexible and expandable storage solutions that stay compact until needed.

I’m limited in storage space but I need to contain 20 litre drums – how can you help?

Our modular shelves have been designed for customers with limited available floor space, allowing you to build up and not out! Stack your valuable chemicals up to three shelves high with these fantastic interlocking systems.

Can you help me as I need to move my drain covers between indoor and outdoor areas?

Our light weight and durable drain cover bags are designed to help move your drain covers to where you need it most at any moment in time. We supply many different types of storage bags depending on your portable bunding and spill containment requirements. We understand that spills happen in different physical locations so the solution has been designed to be easily moved by any staff member.


Areas We Service

At IQSafety, we’re proud to offer the highest quality spill containment accessories to businesses around the country. Wherever you’re based - including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and everywhere in-between - we’re confident we have the spill kits and absorbent products to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.