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Your Guide to Spill Bunding

Spills can not only be damaging to your property and goods, they can lead to violations of current codes and regulations. The team at iQSafety can help you to keep spills under control thanks to our range of spill bunding and barriers. We offer many cost-effective options that are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, helping you to save time, effort and even money.

Also known as floor bunding, our range of spill containment barriers and bunding allows you to quickly confine spills or even channel them away from important areas of your premises (such as drains and stock).

Temporary vs Permanent

Not sure what type of bunding your application calls for? Choose temporary when you need a quick spill response and choose permanent when you want to leave the barrier in place for a long period of time (please note that how long these bunds last will depend on how much traffic and what chemicals they’re exposed to). Many workplaces require a combination of the two, ensuring that they’re prepared for whatever may come their way.

Types of Bunding

We offer spill bunding to suit a range of purposes:

  • Drive Over
    When placed in driveways and other areas where vehicles are often present, you need bunding that can be driven over with ease. Our product is ideal for areas with forklifts – plus ends and corners make it fully customisable to suit the area in question. These barriers are also weather resistant, making them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors – wherever spills occur.
  • Heavy Traffic
    When placed in areas that see heavy vehicular and even foot traffic, you need to ensure that your bunds can be driven over. The toughest on the market, our aluminium range is ideal for this purpose. It’s also capable of withstanding exposure to a wide variety of chemicals, from acetic acid to zinc chloride, ensuring that it will last for many years without issue.
  • High Volume
    If large volumes of liquid are an issue – such as in the case of floods – our high volume spill barriers are essential. They easily contain pools of liquid and feature a tacky bottom so that they can tightly seal to smooth surfaces to prevent even the smallest drop from escaping. Made from polyurethane, this bunding actually repels certain substances (like water, oils and many chemicals).
  • Wash Containment
    Hosing down your premises, either as a general clean up or after a spill has occurred, requires short-term barriers that are able to withstand water as well as pressure. Our bunding can be filled with water, which gives them the weight to withstand pressure washing. They’re convenient to store (as they roll up when not in use) and are easy to fill and empty.
iQSafety also supplies a range of accessories to complement our spill barrier systems. Depending on the application, a corner may be required – ours are designed to work perfectly with our spill barrier bunds. A connector allows several bunds to be joined together to provide additional length for containing larger spills. And carry cases can be used to store bunding when not in use, as well as transport it between various sites.

If you require more information on what type of spill barriers and bunding is suitable for your premises, the chemicals you most frequently encounter and the type of use you require, be sure to contact iQSafety. Our expert team is more than happy to help you decipher our wide range of spill bunding, selecting the option that is most appropriate for your needs. Alternatively, browse our range for yourself here.