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Food and Beverage Manufacturers – Are You Ready for the Busy Holiday Period?

Certain times of year can have a huge impact on demand for particular food and beverage products. Over the Christmas period, for example, manufacturers can expect an increase in demand for food and beverage items, like ham and alcohol.

This increase in demand can boost sales, therefore increasing profits for manufacturers selling such items. Christmas – and other holiday seasons – require that manufacturers order enough stock to meet demand, allowing them to make the most of the holiday period and keep customers happy.

As a food or beverage manufacturer, it is essential that you are properly prepared and that your premises are optimised for one of the busiest times for production, otherwise you could find yourself running into all sorts of problems.

Installation of High Traffic Grippy Mats

Adding anti slip mats to your premises is vital for reducing the risk of slips and falls for your employees. At such a busy time of year, you need your full workforce onboard to ensure that you can fulfill orders and meet demand.

As well as protecting your workers against slipping hazards, grippy mats can also help you to save time because they are highly absorbent and long lasting. They will absorb any spills that occur and can be left in place for up to 12 weeks – even in high drip areas. This means that you won’t need to waste valuable time mopping up spills, drips and leaks.

Refill your Universal Spill Kits

Handling spills correctly is key to getting them cleaned up as quickly as possible and getting production back on track. This is why ensuring that your universal spill kits are filled and ready to go is so essential - it will help you to avoid the unnecessary costs and legal worries associated with some major clean ups.

Keep in mind that different types of spills may require different kits in order to minimise the risk and control the situation. A universal kit will cover a variety of different liquids, but we can also supply kits to suit specific substances.

Installation of Absorbent Booms, Socks and Pillows

When a spill or leak occurs, stop it from spreading further with absorbent booms, socks and pillows. This will prevent a hazard from developing whilst you deal with the cause of the leak and gather everything you need to clean it up.

Absorbent socks are ideal for being placed around the base of machinery, helping to stop any dripping liquids from spreading further. Absorbent booms are better suited to larger areas where spills have occurred. Absorbent pillows can be placed directly onto spills and leaks to absorb large volumes of liquid as required.

Stock up on Loose Absorbents

Once a leak or spill has occurred, ensuring that it is cleaned up correctly is essential for keeping your workers safe and preventing the food/beverages that you’re producing from being contaminated. Absorbent loose granules can be used to remove the very last traces of a spill from any nook and cranny.

Simply pour the granules onto the affected area, wait until all the liquid has been absorbed and sweep away. Loose absorbents can also be used to remove the slippery sheen residue leftover from clean up, helping to avoid slippery floors.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on the various absorbent products that your workplace needs to run smoothly across the busy holiday period – and beyond. Every food and beverage manufacturer needs to be prepared for whatever Christmas may throw at them, from enormous orders to hazardous spills.

The team at iQSafety is ready and waiting to fulfill your order, so get in touch with us today to learn more about the products we have on offer.