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Flood Prevention and Protection – Are You Prepared?

Floods are known for being unpredictable and extremely volatile – it's their nature. The rapid speed of flood waters can lead to extreme damage to property and assets, resulting in some devastating losses for your business (as well as personally). The good news is that iQSafety offers a range of products to either assist in your flood prevention plan or to help you respond when an extreme rain event occurs. We’ve taken a closer look at some of these products below:

Water Absorbent Booms

Capable of absorbing up to 7.6 litres of water, our water absorbent booms will help you to defend assets from water damage. Extra dense booms can be used to create a heavy barrier of defence. They’re designed to hug floors and machine bases, staying in place even when completely saturated with liquid. Our booms are able to resist bursting thanks to their polypropylene skin and high quality stitch-bonding.

Spill Bunding

Designed to protect your equipment and other assets from flood waters present on your site floor, spill bunding helps to prevent large volumes of liquid from spreading and can easily contain pools of liquid. This makes bunding ideal for controlling large flowing liquids, such as flooding and other extreme weather events. We also offer drive over options, allowing bunding to be installed in driveways and other areas where vehicles may need to access.

Leak Diverters

Designed to channel roof or ceiling leaks and drips to ensure they are appropriately drained and to prevent further damage, leak diverters can be vital when it comes to protecting your inventory and equipment (as well as your people). They channel liquid away to a desired containment area until the leak can be repaired and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure that any type of ceiling can be accommodated.

Drain Covers

Flood waters can lead to oils and chemicals being carried into stormwater drains, which is harmful for the environment. Drain covers can help to prevent this – they create an instant liquid seal over the drain, allowing them to seal tightly and preventing movement (even when they’re fully submerged under water). We also offer drive over options, allowing covers to be installed over drains in driveways and other areas where vehicles may need to access.

Patching Putty

When a puncture occurs in metal or masonry around your site, patching putty can be used to stop leaks immediately. Our putty will adhere to many surfaces and will start to harden after just 2 minutes, no preparation or cleaning needed – simply scoop out as much as you need and apply it directly onto the affected area. It can actually be used as a permanent solution, as it will last as long as you need it to.

Absorbent Pillows

Described as being a ‘grab and go’ option, absorbent pillows are incredibly easy to deploy, making them ideal for unexpected flood situations. They offer a large surface area, high capacity and contain a fast-wicking filler to allow them to soak up larger volumes of liquid, ensuring they can handle both small leaks and large floods. Their compact design makes pillows are a must for any spill response kit.

Many people make the mistake of thinking it won’t happen to them – don't be one of them. By being diligent and thinking ahead, you can lessen or even prevent the extreme costs associated with such catastrophic events. If flood prevention and protection is something that you’re concerned with, contact iQSafety to see how we can be of assistance.