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Spill Emergency Drain Cover


  • Protect Drains Quickly This ready-to-use, rapid response drain blocker can make all the difference in protecting waterways from harsh chemicals in the event of a spill emergency. Drain blockers are packaged in an easy-open, hi-viz storage tube for quick access and so you can get to the spill fast.
  • Instant Drain Protection from SpillsFeaturing a super-sealing bottom layer, the emergency drain cover instantly repels spills by tightly sealing drains. Drain blocker seals also conform to uneven surfaces.
  • Store Drain Protectors in Spill Prone AreasAlways keep your site spill ready by deploying multiple emergency drain covers in high risk spill areas. These affordable, one-time use spill blockers are a handy spill solution to have at the ready across numerous locations on site.
  • Withstands Chemicals and Diesel-Compatible Quick response drain covers feature a polypropylene top that resists chemicals, oils and detergents The drain blockers also withstand exposure to diesel fuel.
  • Designed for Spill Emergencies This drain spill protector has been created specially to apply in emergency spill situations. Mount the cover to a wall (bracket sold separately) or add to a spill kit.

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Chemical Compatibility
Cover resists chemicals, oils and detergents
Ideal one time spill response, super sealing drain cover. Affordable to deploy in all spill-prone areas.
Dimensions -W x L/D x H
106cm x 106cm x 3.1mm
3 Kg
Sold as
1 Each
Hi-Viz Green
Use With
Square & Round Drains Up to 91cm
# per Pallet
Compatible With
Withstands exposure to diesel fuel and gasoline.
Components Composition
Top - Polypropylene Bottom - Polyurethane
Drain Size
Up to 91cm Dia.
Special Feature
Super-sealing - bottom layer conforms to uneven surfaces and tightly seals drains
Non-Weight Bearing
Drain Shape
Square; Round
Ideal For
One-Time-Use Emergency Spill Response
Max liquid temp exposure
Max Exposure Limit 107°C for up to 30 minutes
New Pig Patent
Storage Temp Range
Store from -17°C to 48°C
Temperature Limit
Works from -17°C to 71°C
UV Resistant