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The Best Oil Absorbent Pads for Dealing with Spills

For anyone in warehousing or manufacturing – or indeed, countless other industries – working with oils is a daily part of life on site. Unfortunately, this means that dealing with spills can also be a common occurrence. At best, they are incredibly frustrating and can affect productivity for the day. At worst, they can create a hazard that can lead to dangerous slips and falls, damage machinery and even cause a serious impact on the surrounding environment and further afield.

In order to keep these effects to a minimum, we’ve put together this guide on choosing the best oil absorbent pads to ensure you can capture and clean spills as soon as they occur.

  • Mats
    Mats are the ideal choice when you know exactly how much space you’re covering, as they are pre-cut for convenience. This also ensures they are easier to deploy in emergency situations, as there is no need to tear away each individual piece of fabric. They are available in light, medium and heavy weights – we offer the ideal option for every business.
  • Rolls
    For areas such as walkways and high traffic entranceways, there is no better choice than a roll. They are designed for large areas and are perfect for preventative measures, using the easy tear perforations, roll out the matting and use the exact amount that you need. Then, leaks and overspray’s can be captured as they occur.
  • Barrel Tops
    Made with a flexible material that allows these mats to sit snuggly on top of the barrel, these pre-cut mats are designed specifically for absorbing spills and drips from barrel pumps and taps when not in use. This greatly reduces the amount of clean-up necessary.

Questions to keep in mind

If you’re still not sure which oil absorbent pads are right for your business, consider asking yourself these questions first:

  • Will the matting be used in light, moderate or heavy traffic areas?
  • What is the expected volume of the spills and leaks in the area?
  • Does the mat need to be oil specific, or would it be best if it captured other spills as well?
  • How will my absorbent pads be disposed?

As you can see, choosing the best oil absorbent pads for your workplace isn’t necessarily a one size fits all solution – more often than not, it comes down to an individual company’s situation and the type of spill you’re trying to contain.

However, you’ll be happy to learn that our range has something for every business! If you’re still not sure which option is best for your needs, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team today on 1800 468 464 or contact us via our Live Chat system for a quick response. With almost five decades worth of experience, we know exactly how to keep you safe at work.