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absorbent products

Government Services

The impact of this crisis on government bodies has resulted in many services moving to mobile facilities to adhere to isolation guidelines. Mobile sites may include transportation and logistical support, field hospitals and labs, or testing and research. We understand these sites require large volumes of supplies to operate and support mobile facilities by providing reliable products you can trust.

A range of high strength disposable wipes, including disinfectant wipes. Maintain hygiene on site or wipe down parts. Suitable for multiple uses.

Oil Spill Kit - Small

Our handy sized hi-viz Oil Spill Kit is small enough to be stowed away when space is restricted but still packs a punch when you need to absorb oils in a hurry!

Promote social distancing with our social distance marked non- slip floor mat. Ideal for lines or waiting areas.

Water-Activated temporary barrier that prevents water and leaks running into tents and outdoor structures.

Utilise these compact lab spill kits to add cleanup capability at testing facilities or additional collection areas.

Clean-up bodily fluid spills quickly, easily and safely with this grab-and-go biofluid kit.