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Lab Hazchem Kit


  • Convenient Size Ideal for LaboratoriesThe compact size of this kit is ideal to handle all types of laboratory clean ups. Larger kits often lead to unnecessary waste, while this kit size meets the demand of most laboratory incidents and smaller mobile spills.
  • Assisting with COVID-19In the current times of testing and treating the world’s worst pandemic in 100 years, time of first responders is critical. The package, mobility, ease of use and comprehensiveness of the solution means that having this biohazard response kit on hand is convenient, and necessary.
  • Don’t just Absorb – NeutraliseMany available hazardous chemical absorbents only absorb spills and liquids. The Lab Hazchem clean-up kit includes neutralising and absorbing mats to instantly stop the threat of many chemicals in their tracks.
  • Harsh Chemicals are Covered This is the most effective kit for a laboratory as it can treat and absorb most chemicals, even harsh ones such as acids, bases, corrosives, alcohol and more.
  • Dispose with EaseThe laboratory Hazchem kit includes disposable gloves, a mini dustpan and a disposal bag to aid clean-up and make disposal effortless.

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Compact lab spill kits to add cleanup capabilities
Application Type
Spill Cleanup In Lab, Testing Areas, Chemical Storage, Waste Collection Areas, For Corrosives, Alcohol, Bodily Fluids, Other Chemicals
Dimensions -W x L/D x H
32.4cm x 47cm x 33cm
Sold as
10 per case
Fluids Absorbed
Acids; Bases; Unknowns
Use With
Corrosives, Alcohol, Bodily Fluids, Other Chemicals
Up to 7.1L per case
Components Composition
Mats - Polypropylene, Acid Neutralizer - Polymer, Sodium Carbonate, Alizarin, Base Neutralizer - Polymer, Citric Acid, Thymol Blue
30 x 25.4cm W x 33cm L PIG® HazMat Chemical Absorbent Mat Pad
10 x 103.5mL Acid Encapsulating/Neutralizing Absorbent
10 x 103.5mL Base Encapsulating/Neutralizing Absorbent
10 x Disposable Scoop and Scraper
10 x 23.4cm x 33cm x 10.1cm Bag Single Use - Lab & Chemical Cleanup Kit
10 x 30.4cm L SHOWA NITRI-DEX® Nitrile Gloves
10 x 45.7cm W x 76.2cm H Polyethylene Disposal Bags
Container Type
Single Use Bag
UV Resistant
High Visibility