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What Makes Grippy Mats the Best Choice

Sick of regular mats? Switch to Grippy Mat today!

  • No Rippling These Grippy mats stay flat on the floor – never worry about tripping again.
  • Won’t Shift Gripping technology keeps your mat exactly where you want it.
  • Continuous Coverage Cut your mat to size without worrying about gaps or overlays.
  • Absorbent and Fast Drying Moisture wicking fabric helps spills dry faster without being tracked through the space.
  • Built for Traffic Our absorbent Grippy mats retains its core qualities and traction, lasting up to three months between changeouts.
  • Easy to Clean Clean it the same way you clean your floors – with a vacuum or mop.
  • Saves Time and Money Costs 50% less than rental mats and reduces labour costs and liability claims.

Say goodbye to expensive and inefficient matting and say hello to the most advanced floor mat on the market: PIG Grippy Mat.

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Have Your Mats Got You Stuck in A Rut?

Pig Grippy Mats Have Come to Your Rescue

If standard matting is causing you nothing but headaches, no matter how you position them, then we have the answer. Finally, a mat that won’t shift, ripple flip over – simply lay out your new Grippy Mat and take advantage of safe floors.

Our Customers Love Grippy Pig As Much As We Do

Create Safe Floors Anywhere With A Pig Grippy Mat

From hotel to grocery store, our Grippy Mat works with almost all commercial floor surfaces, allowing you to create the perfect coverage of any shoe and size – wherever you need it.

Whether you want to roll out the welcome carpet or protect customers from slippery floors and spills, Grippy Mat ensures you won’t have any gaps or overlaps.

Whether you need matting for entrance ways, along produce stands or at the counter, our matting can be used everywhere, every time. The possibilities are endless!

6 Grippy Mat Features You Won't Get With Rental Mats

It Sticks

With our very own P53 Adhesive, we can take advantage of a fabric that can both stick and release – keeping Grippy Mat in place yet pulling up easily when it’s time for a change.

Continuous Floor Coverage

Thanks to our EZCut Roll, you can create the perfect, continuous coverage in any size or shape, wherever you need it – and even around drains, displays or pillars.

Absorbent and Fast-Drying

With EFM Absorbent Technology, Grippy Mats offer super-efficient absorption in a super-thin fabric. Water is spread evenly through the mat with a powerful wicking action, drying faster than ever.

Indestructible High-Traction Top

Grippy Mat has been proven to help reduce slip-and-fall claims by up to 90%, even in high traffic areas, thanks to its Hi-Trac Surface.

Easy to Clean

Pig Grippy Mat stays in place during your floor cleaning system, meaning you can keep it fresh between changes with a mop, broom, vacuum or even floor scrubber.

Saves Time and Money

Cut down your matting costs by over 50% with Grippy Mats. They help you eliminate wasted time and hidden costs, and reduce the slips, trips and falls that may lead to liability claims.

Award Winning

PIG Grippy Floor Mat is recognized for safety and innovation.

Want to Know More?

Our Blogs are the perfect place to discover more of the benefits and applications that Grippy Mats have to offer.

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