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Hazchem Spill Kit - Medium


  • Ensures Absorbents Are Ready to Use Weather-resistant polyethylene container protects the HazChem kit contents from moisture, dirt and damage. Designed to withstand extended exposure to UV so perfect when you can't store the spill kit in an enclosed space!
  • Meets Facility Requirements for Due Diligence Allows you to meet EPA and Health & Safety Regulations whilst still ensuring unique facility requirements are met.
  • Spill Absorbents Like No Other Our Hazchem absorbents are specially treated to be able to withstand chemicals and not leave behind unwanted fibres. This unique feature is particularly important in facilities where damage can be caused to other equipment, tests or products in production
  • Easy to Use and Handle The hazardous chemical absorbents are organised in order of the way that you will follow the five necessary steps when responding to a spill. This makes sure that people can not only respond quickly but also don't have unnecessary angst in a potentially stressful situation.
  • Difference in our Kits With both heavy duty rubber wheels that roll easily over nearly any surface, and the hinged lid makes it easy to get to the absorbents you need. With a variety of products within the kit, it makes it the correct choice for most applications.

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Dimensions -W x L/D x H
48cm x 54.5cm x 93cm
21 Kg
Sold as
1 Each
Fluids Absorbed
Acids, Bases & Unknowns
Up to 103L
iQSafety Part No.
# per Pallet
Components Composition
Container - High-Density Polyethylene Mats - Polypropylene Socks - Polypropylene
2 x PIG® Socks Hazardous Chemical Pink (PIG301) Dia. 7.7cm x 3M L
4 x PIG® Socks Hazardous Chemical Pink (124CR) Dia. 7.6cm x 1.17M L
50 x PIG® Mat Pads Hazchem Heavy-Weight Pink (MAT301) 38cm W x 51cm L
2 x PIG® Pillows Hazardous Chemical Large Pink (HR7015) 43cm x 41cm x 5cm
5 x PIG® Disposal “Haz-Mat” Waste Bags Small (BAG202-S) 45.7cm W x 76.2cm H
1 x Wheelie Bin 120L
1 x Instructions.
Container Type
UV-Stabilised; Corrosion Resistant Steel Axle
Solid Rubber Tyres
Transport & Logistics
Food & Beverage
Water & Waste Services
Health & Scientific