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The COVID-19 health pandemic is placing extreme strain and burden on healthcare systems and facilities. Maintaining these facilities as safe and hygienic has never been more critical. We commit ourselves to providing reliability in our trusted products when it is needed more than ever, supplying critical products for spill response, hygiene and risk reduction.

Our toughest mats. Designed to absorb liquids in high traffic areas. Handles forklift and cart traffic time and time again.

Available in three different container options and including a wide range of class-leading absorbents, you can rely on our Large Oil Spill Kit Bins.

Chemical Absorbent Mat

Critical incidents involving hazmat chemicals require specialty absorbents you can rely on. Designed to absorb acids, bases & unknowns.

Promote social distancing with our social distance marked non- slip floor mat. Ideal for lines or waiting areas.

Water-Activated temporary barrier that prevents water and leaks running into tents and outdoor structures.

Clean-up bodily fluid spills quickly, easily and safely with this grab-and-go biofluid kit.

Utilise these compact lab spill kits to add cleanup capability at testing facilities or additional collection areas.

Surgical Adhesive Grippy Mat Pad

This adhesive-backed and highly absorbent mat ensures a safe medical environment. Reliability when medical professionals need it most.