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Oil & Fuel Spill Kit - Extra Large


  • Devours Oils but Not Water Specifically designed to contain oil spills, our extra large spill kit can restrain even the largest of oil spills. Capable of absorbing up to 630 litres of oils in a single incident.
  • Portable, Easy Store DesignThis spill kit has been designed for customers needing large spill response protection at a variety of physical locations. Its large and sturdy wheels mean you can effortlessly push it to the required location in a matter of minutes!
  • Carts Are Mobile but SecureRolls easily on strong rubber wheels with brakes. Move it into position and then lock it in place ensuring the safety of all staff involved in the cleanup process.
  • New Pig R&D: World Leaders in Spill Containment Technologies New Pig Corporation are a world leader in environmental, spill control and industrial safety solutions. By leveraging its extensive Research & Development team, New Pig are able to provide continual innovation to the world of spill control & absorbents.
  • Trust iQSafety, the Australian Spill Control Leaders With our national presence throughout Australia (offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and more), trust iQSafety to be your spill control experts no matter where you are in the country. With more than 20 years’ experience in spill control, our team have the expertise to ensure optimal spill safety within your workplace.

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Dimensions -W x L/D x H
136cm x 77cm x 120cm
Sold as
1 Each
Fluids Absorbed
Oil-based Liquids Not Water
Up to 630L
iQSafety Part No.
Components Composition
High-Density Polyethylene Container
Polypropylene Mats
Polypropylene Socks.
2 x PIG® Mat Roll Oil-Only Heavy-Weight White (MAT401) 76.2cm W x 45.7M L
10 x PIG® Socks Oil-Only Skimmers White (SKM203) Dia. 7.6cm X 3m L
200 x PIG® Mat Pads Oil-Only Heavy-Weight White (MAT403) 38.1cm W x 50.8cm L
3 x PIG® Floor Sweep Dri Grey (PLP213) 18kg
20 x PIG® Disposal Waste Bags Small (BAG201-S)
1 x Wheelie Bin 660L
1 x Instructions.
Container Type
UV-Stabilised; Corrosion Resistant Steel Axle
Solid Rubber Tyres
Water & Waste Services

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