Absorbent Products

Create a safer, cleaner and more productive workplace with our huge range of spill absorbents and spill response products. Whether you need absorbents for oil spills, chemicals, spilled liquids or something else, we can help you select the right solution for your application. We have three types of absorbents: Universal for water, oil, coolants and solvents; Oil-Only for oil, fuels and petroleum-based products without absorbing water; and HazMat for acids, bases, corrosives, water, oil, coolant, solvents and unknown liquids.

Keep your workplace safe from spills and leaks with Absorbent Mats and Pads. Act fast to contain spills of all sizes with Absorbent Socks and Booms. Soak it all up with our variety of Loose Absorbents, which are better versions of spill kitty litter made from cellulose, not clay. Plus, our variety of Spill Absorbent Accessories will help you attack the hazard from every angle.

Whatever the size or type of spill, from water and oils to solvents, chemicals and more, our best-selling absorbent products have you covered. Need help choosing the right spill absorbents for the job? Ask our expert team.

Universal Loose Absorbent

2 Sizes Available (White)

One Size Available (Grey)

5 Sizes Available (Black, Blue)

8 Sizes Available (Grey)

5 Sizes Available (Brown)

5 Sizes Available (White)

Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Mat
Water Only Absorbing Socks

2 Sizes Available (White)

Sump Skimmers

6 Sizes Available (White)

Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Socks

3 Sizes Available (Pink)

4 Sizes Available (Blue)

Oil Only Absorbent Booms & Socks

2 Sizes Available (White)

Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Pillow
Oil Absorbent Pillows

2 Sizes Available (White)

Universal Absorbent Pillow

2 Sizes Available (Light Grey)

Oil Only Spaghetti Booms & Pillows

2 Sizes Available (White)