Personal Emergency Eyewash Stations

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Personal safety is paramount to any work environment – and even more so in construction, manufacturing and factory-based industries. IQSafety is proud to supply the leading personal emergency stations on the market, including the Haws Personal Emergency Eyewash Station! Designed with dual access streams that allow both eyes to be treated at once, this on the spot solution is easy to use and incredibly durable, allowing you to take advantage of Haws innovative design for the entire three-year shelf life.

  • Dual AccessDual eyewash streams allow both eyes to be treated at once. Neutralises acid and alkali substance. Restores proper pH balance to eyes.
  • On-The-Spot SolutionQuickly decontaminate eyes from hazardous chemicals. Delay may cause serious harm or injury. 
  • Easily AccessibleWall mount ensures a secure location that is easily accessible in an emergency.
  • Easy ActivationWhen seconds count after an incident, these personal eyewash bottles are easily activated simply by twisting the cap and placing the eye-cups directly over affected eyes. Then with your eyes open wide, squeeze the bottle to provide desired flow.
  • DurablePersonal Eye Washes maintain a 3-year shelf life when stored at 5°C - 35°C
Available Sizes

24 W x 30 L x 12 H, 13 W x 28 L x 13 H, 27 W x 38 L x 13 H, 17 W x 25 L x 23 H, 19 W x 28 L x 26 H


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Dimensions -W x L(D) x H
24 W x 30 L x 12 H (carton)
500ml pH Neutral and 1000ml Sterile Saline
2.0 kg
Sold as
Dual Bottle
iQSafety Part No.
Components Composition
Plastic Package
Mounting Style
Temperate Range
Min 5°C - Max 35°C
1 Year
Sterile Saline and pH Neutral
Shelf Life
3 Years
All Valve Industries

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