Which liquids can the DrainBlocker block?

Hydrochloric acid is something you don’t really want down your drains. In fact, there are quite a few liquids that you don’t want gushing – or even trickling – into stormwater. Neither does the EPA.

Covering up nearby drains every time you do a machinery wash-down, transfer fuels or other liquids, or do any leak-prone job, can get tiresome.

The good news is you neither have to keep temporarily covering them up nor permanently seal your drains.

Our DrainBlockers are designed to block a variety of different liquids. They also stop solid items from finding their way off your floor and into stormwater.

Like all New Pig products, DrainBlockers are tough. How tough? Here's a list of “nasties” DrainBlocker will protect your drains (and pocket) from:

  • acetone
  • antifreeze
  • chlorine standard solution (1,000ppm)
  • ethanol (95%)
  • hydraulic fluid
  • hydrochloric acid (18.5%)
  • hydrogen peroxide (30%)
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • chlorine bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite)
  • sodium hydroxide (40%)
  • sulphuric acid (50%)
  • xylene

You can find more info on DrainBlockers here – both the general one and super-tough one heavy machinery can drive over. No matter your industry or business type, DrainBlockers have you (and your drains) covered; whether for spill response or prevention or both.

Have a question about blocking drains? Call 1800 HOT HOG (468 464), or email us for help.