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Oil Spill Kit Bin - Medium


  • Tackle Oil Spills Safely This complete Oil Spill Kit contains all the essential absorbents to effectively clean up and dispose of an oil spill including; PIG® Socks, Skimmers, Mats and Pillows.
  • Lightweight and Mobile Made of polyethylene, this wheeled container is designed for easy movement around the workplace when you need it most.
  • Leading Spill Technology New Pig Corporation are a world leader in environmental, spill control and industrial safety solutions. By leveraging its extensive Research & Development team, New Pig are able to provide continual innovation to the world of spill control & absorbents.
  • Repels WateriQSafety spill kit products are manufactured for the absorption of oil only. Oil-only pads, mats and skimmers repel water and absorb hydrocarbons.
  • Prepare Your Site for Spill Emergencies With an iQSafety Oil Spill Kit, you can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing you have the appropriate resources in the event of an oil spill on site.

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Dimensions -W x L/D x H
48cm x 54.5cm x 93cm
21 Kg
Sold as
1 Each
Fluids Absorbed
Oil-based Liquids Not Water
Up to 104L
iQSafety Part No.
# per Pallet
Components Composition
High-Density Polyethylene Container
Polypropylene Mats
Polypropylene Socks
Polypropylene Pillows.
1 x PIG® Socks Oil-Only Skimmers White (SKM203) Dia. 7.6cm X 3m L
4 x PIG® Skimmer Socks Oil-Only Box White (104PS) Dia. 7.6cm x 1.22m L
50 x PIG® Mat Pads Oil-Only Heavy-Weight White (MAT403) 38.1cm W x 50.8cm L
2 x PIG® Pillows Oil-Only Large White (PIL203) 41cm x 43cm x 2.5cm
5 x PIG® Disposal Waste Bags Small (BAG201-S)
1 x Wheelie Bin 120L
1 x Instructions.
Container Type
UV-Stabilised; Corrosion Resistant Steel Axle
Solid Rubber Tyres
Transport & Logistics
Food & Beverage

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