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Universal Spill Kit - Medium


  • Your Go-To Spill KitThis collective, all-purpose spill kit is packed with everything you need to ensure a rapid and effective response to spills time and time again. Spill kit contents include PIG® Socks, Mats, Pads and Pillows.
  • The Most Multi-Purpose Spill SolutionDesigned specifically for the absorption of general liquids such as oils, coolants, solvents and water, our bestselling general-purpose spill kit will equip you for any spill situation. You can't go wrong with this all-rounder.
  • Lightweight and PortableOur high-density polyethylene container allows for easy movement and can be maneuvered around the workplace when are where you need it most, in the event of a spill emergency.
  • Ensure Your Absorbents Are At the Ready Weather-resistant polyethylene container protects the contents from moisture, dirt and damage. This spill kits bin has been designed to withstand maximum levels of UV exposure ensuring an extended lifetime even when not stored indoors.
  • Leaders in Australian Spill ControlWith our national presence throughout Australia (offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and more), trust iQSafety to be your spill control experts no matter where you are. With more than 40 years’ experience in spill control, our team have the expertise to ensure optimal spill safety within your workplace.

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Dimensions -W x L/D x H
48cm x 54.5cm x 93cm
21 Kg
Sold as
1 Each
Fluids Absorbed
Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water
Up to 101L
iQSafety Part No.
# per Pallet
Components Composition
High-Density Polyethylene Container
Polypropylene Mats
Polypropylene Socks
Polypropylene Pillow Skin
Cellulosic Fibres Pillow Filler.
1 x PIG® Socks Universal Blue (PIG202) Dia. 7.6cm x 3M L
4 x PIG® Socks Universal Blue (4048) Dia. 7.6cm x 1.22M L
50 x PIG® Mat Pads Universal Heavy-Weight Grey (MAT203) 38cm W x 51cm L
2 x PIG® Pillows Universal Large Light Grey (PIL201) 43cm x 53cm x 5cm
5 x PIG® Disposal Waste Bags Small (BAG201-S)
1 x Wheelie Bin 120L
1 x Instructions.
Container Type
UV-Stabilised; Corrosion Resistant Steel Axle
Solid Rubber Tyres
Transport & Logistics
Food & Beverage
Health & Scientific

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