Spill Containtment

Spill Containment

Don’t let spills get out of hand. Protect your business and environment by ensuring that spill containment is done quickly and properly. The right spill containment products will ensure your spill incident is controlled, so your overall clean-up costs and risks are minimised. This will help prevent unnecessary damage to wildlife, environment and people, while ensuring you avoid large fines from the Environment Protection Authority.

From smaller drums to larger IBC containers, oil spill containment to chemicals, we've got the products to make sure that you are compliant with Australian spill containment requirements. Protect the environment with our range of Drain & Stormwater Protection, ideal in emergency spill situations to prevent unwanted liquids from entering drains. Choose from a wide range of Drum Spill Pallets and IBC Spill Pallets for larger containers, tanks and IBCs. Need spill containment with a lower profile? Check out our Drum Trays & Pans. Our Spill Containment Barriers & Bunds are ideal to catch spills, drips and leaks while you’re storing or decanting liquid containers. And our selection of portable bunding spill containment can be easily slipped under a leaky fuel tank or damaged drum to capture liquids securely for safe disposal later. Browse our product categories below:

Wash Containment Bunds

One Size Available (Orange)

Spill Barrier Bund

One Size Available (Yellow)

3 Sizes Available (Black)

Drive Over Spill Barrier Bund

One Size Available (Yellow)

One Size Available (Orange)

One Size Available (Yellow)

Modular Shelf

One Size Available (Black)

Bladder Box

One Size Available (White)

Absorbent Wringer

One Size Available (Black)

Storage Bag

2 Sizes Available (Black)

under vehicle spill containment pool

5 Sizes Available (Orange)

6 Sizes Available (Black/Yellow)

One Size Available