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Spill Containtment

Spill Containment

Don’t let spills get out of hand. Protect your business and environment by ensuring that spill containment is done quickly and properly. The right spill containment products will ensure your spill incident is controlled, so your overall clean-up costs and risks are minimised. This will help prevent unnecessary damage to wildlife, environment and people, while ensuring you avoid large fines from the Environment Protection Authority.

From smaller drums to larger IBC containers, oil spill containment to chemicals, we've got the products to make sure that you are compliant with Australian spill containment requirements. Protect the environment with our range of Drain & Stormwater Protection, ideal in emergency spill situations to prevent unwanted liquids from entering drains. Choose from a wide range of Drum Spill Pallets and IBC Spill Pallets for larger containers, tanks and IBCs. Need spill containment with a lower profile? Check out our Drum Trays & Pans. Our Spill Containment Barriers & Bunds are ideal to catch spills, drips and leaks while you’re storing or decanting liquid containers. And our selection of portable bunding spill containment can be easily slipped under a leaky fuel tank or damaged drum to capture liquids securely for safe disposal later. Browse our product categories below:

Provides an effective liquid seal across multiple surfaces while still allowing heavy vehicle drive-over access. Leave in place for up to 12mths at -17°C to 71°C.

Deploy these drain covers quickly for fast drain protection or leave in place for up to 12 months.

Provide an additional layer of protection for damaged or leaky drums during transport.

Build your required sump capacity with connectable, shared-sump decks and meet containment regulations.

This tarp has been designed to fit the PIG Collapse-A-Tainer working on surfaces including asphalt and concrete. 4 Sizes Available (Grey)

collapsible spill containment products

Made from a durable and long lasting material, this bunding has been designed for a long lifetime. 6 Sizes Available (Black/Yellow)

under vehicle spill containment pool

Our pop-up pool is designed for immediate deployment when emergency spill control is required. 5 Sizes Available (Orange)

Storage Bag

Used for the protection, storage and transportation of 380 Litre Portable Containment Pools. 2 Sizes Available (Black)

This expandable bladder provides an additional 208 litres of containment. Automatic deploy means minimal mess and clean up.

Increase storage space by adding up to three shelves to a spill pallet or deck.

Contain large volumes of liquid and pooling liquids with this high volume spill barrier bund.

A temporary/removable spill barrier that seals tight on smooth surfaces to ensure liquids are contained.

Spill Emergency Drain Cover

Protect drains in a spill emergency with this single-use spill emergency cover for drains. Deploy multiple covers in spill-prone areas.

Provides a semi-permanent or permanent spill containment solution that can withhold heavy vehicle traffic.

Spill Protector Drain Insert

Innovative mesh drain insert filter catches debris to keep drains clean and prevent drain blocks.

Poly drain plugs provide an effective liquid seal to protect drains and waterways. Stays in place as long as needed.