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Tap Mounted Eyewash


Ensure your workplace is properly prepared for all incidents with a Haws Eyewash Station. Tap mounted for a continuous flow, this innovative technology is designed to transform a standard faucet into a fully functional and compliant eyewash station. Featuring a compact, low profile and attractive and durable stainless-steel finish, it is ideally suited to laboratories, manufacturing and other scientific and technical service centres. With a two year warranty and broad temperature range, Haws’ eyewash station is the ideal way to ensure your workplace meets Australian safety standards.

  • Tap to Eyewash Technology The eyePOD® transforms normal faucet capabilities into a fully functional and compliant eyewash. To activate the eyewash, simply rotate the front half of the eyePOD® left or right, to point the eyewash spouts upwards. Water will be discharged to soothe and cleanse the eyes. Easily deactivate the eyewash by rotating the eyePOD® back to its original position and water will flow through your faucet as normal.
  • Built-in Thermostatic Safety A significant feature of the eyePOD® includes an inbuilt thermostatic safety valve that instantly shuts off eyewash flows of 37°C or higher. This allows for the protection of eyes from dangerously hot water temperatures.
  • Unique TechnologyUnlike no other eyewash unit, the eyePOD® features the AXION® Medically Superior Response (MSR) technology. The AXION® MSR eyewash head (patent pending) uses an inverted directional laminar flow to sweep contaminants away from the vulnerable nasal cavity.
  • Meets Australian StandardsThis eyewash complies with AS4775-2007 for velocity, stream height and flow rate. Employing an eyePOD® in the workplace ensures your employees will be adequately prepared in the event of an emergency.
  • Intelligent DesignA low profile design ensures these tap mounted eyewash units won't cause an obstruction in the workshop. Made from pure stainless steel, the eyePOD® is hard-wearing on any industrial site, with a high shine finish to suit a professional office setting.

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eyePOD® Faucet Mounted Eyewash Unit
30.5cm x 45.7cm x 15.2cm
1 Kg
Sold as
1 Each
Flow Rate
2LPM @ 210 KPA
iQSafety Part No.
Components Composition
Stainless Steel
Special Feature
Thermostatic protection that will protect the user from water over 100° F (37.8° C) by shutting off the eyewash.
Self- Draining when in Faucet Mode
Mounting Style
Faucet Mounted
Temperate Range
Min 15.7°C Max 37.8°C
2 Years
Installation Method
Easy to install on a wide variety of sink faucets (not included) using a standard 55/64-27 thread stainless steel faucet connection, along with four additional adaptors provided (15/16-27 male, 13/16-27 male, 3/8-18 male and 13/16-24 female).
Scientific & Technical Services