Spill Kit

Spill Kits

Comply with Spill Plan regulations, avoid fines and be ready to respond rapidly with our Spill Kits. Spill kits are the must-have workplace solution for managing spills. In fact, companies that deal or handle oils, chemicals, hazardous substances must be prepared to manage accidental spills. You are required by law to have spill kits ready, just in case.

Different liquids require specific spill kits to effectively control the situation and minimise risk. No matter the type or volume of liquid you need to deal with, we will help you find the right solution. Our comprehensive range of Oil Spill Kits, Hazardous Chemical Spill Kits and General Purpose Spill Kits are designed for every spill scenario. Plus, each kit type is designed so you can quickly identify what you need, as soon as you need it.

Reduce costs and risks to employees, visitors, and customers. Avoid unnecessary costs of major spill clean-ups and the legal stresses for failing to handle spills correctly. With our spill kits, you have everything you need to follow the spill response procedure and keep spill hazards to a minimum.

Truck Mount Carrier

Spill Kit Covers and Mounts

Overpack Protection Cover

Spill Kit Seals and Labels

Tamperproof Seal Label Sheet

Oil Spill Kit Small
Oil Spill Kit Refills

Kit Refill Kit408-01

Battery Acid Spill Kit

Kit Battery Acid (76L)

Hazardous Chemical Spill Kit Bag

Kit Hazardous Bag (38L)

Hazardous Chemical Spill Kit Refills

Kit Hazardous Vers Cont (133L)

Universal Spill Kit Bag

Kit Universal Bag (38L)

Universal Spill Kit Bucket

Kit Universal Overpak (42L)

Universal Spill Kit Large

Kit Universal Overpak Large (232L)

Contaminated Waste Bag

Disposal Bags Small "Haz-Mat"

Hazardous Chemical Small Spill Kit

Hazardous Kit In Bucket (19L)

Hazchem Spill Kit Refills

iQSafety Spill Kit Refill H660 Haz-Mat

Hazchem Spill Kit Extra Large

iQSafety Spill Kit H660 Haz-Mat

Oil and Fuel Spill Kit Extra Large

iQSafety Spill Kit O660 Oil Only