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Spill Kit

Spill Kits

Comply with Spill Plan regulations, avoid fines and be ready to respond rapidly with our Spill Kits. Spill clean up kits are the must-have workplace solution for managing spills. In fact, companies that deal or handle oils, chemicals, hazardous substances must be prepared to manage accidental spills. You are required by law to have spill kits ready, just in case.

A safe and effective method of waste disposal. One Size Available (Yellow)

Universal Spill Kit Large

Quickly absorb up to 227L of oils, solvents, coolants or water with this high volume portable spill kit solution.

Hazardous Chemical Spill Kit Refills

One Size Available (Clear)

Hazchem Spill Kit Refills

One Size Available (Pink)

Oil Spill Kit - Small

Our handy sized hi-viz Oil Spill Kit is small enough to be stowed away when space is restricted but still packs a punch when you need to absorb oils in a hurry!

Our most popular oil spill kit bin, this flexible spill solution will reliably absorb up to 104 litres wherever your spill occurs.

Our small Hazchem Spill Kits are easily stored and contain the essentials needed for a hazardous chemical spill. Suitable for low-moderate hazchem use.

Convenient and compact multi-purpose spill kits. Easy to store and quick to access in the event of a spill.

Spill Kit Seals and Labels

Allows for identification of contaminated spill kits and refill requirements. One Size Available (Yellow)

Oil Spill Kit Bin Large

Available in three different container options and including a wide range of class-leading absorbents, you can rely on our Large Oil Spill Kit Bins!

Universal Spill Kit - Medium

If you're looking for an all-rounder spill kit that's easy to move while still absorbing 100L+, this is your solution!

Absorb up to 103 litres of hazardous chemicals with our Hazchem Spill Kit, and reduce the risk of damage to the products and equipment in the workplace.

Oil Spill Kit Refills

2 Sizes Available (Clear)

Spill Kit Covers and Mounts

Protects spill kits from weather and erosion. 2 Sizes Available (Green/Yellow)

Large Hazardous Chemical Spill Kit

Stock up on chemical spill supplies with our Hazardous Spill Kit in Large. Three container options available.

Designed for customers handling commercial quantities of oils & fuels. This mobile oil spill kit in a cart will absorb up to 630 litres of oil.